BBA at the Camad College is designed specifically for students who are aiming to join the business world. As a leading business school, the College provides the students a sound and innovative management education focusing on finance, marketing, and human resource management.
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a 120 credit-hours graduate program. It has eight semesters in total. The program aims at educating students and preparing them for handling managerial position to start a professional career in business or public management. It enables them to take over responsible positions in domestic and global business organizations with modern impersonal skills and technical know-how of the recent trends in global business. The program helps to develop positive attitudes, abilities and practical skills that are needed for a competent and responsible manager. The program works as foundation for masters level studies in management.

Objectives of the Program
The Faculty of Management is committed to providing its students with broad knowledge of management by introducing them to innovative courses of management and developing their creative, analytical and decision making abilities. Theoretical foundation coupled with practical knowledge produce efficient and competent middle level managers. The BBA program specifically aims at:

  • Preparing students to take an entry level managerial position to start a professional career in business and public management.
  • Inculcating in students positive attitudes, abilities and practical skills essential for competent and responsible managers.
  • Preparing students with the necessary foundation and competence for admission to the MBA program.